Message from the Reverend Bernard Coote, England 


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Martin Gerlach

We met at London University in 1952 and became life long friends.  Martin and Dorothea were like members of our English family, loved and admired by us, our sons and grandsons. We remember many happy times together in Germany, England and France.

It was a great honour last year to be present at Martinís 80 th birthday in Dusseldorf. He planned to be in England this month (and had already bought his ticket) to celebrate my 80 th birthday. Ann and Bernard regret that we are not with you today but wish to share with you our thoughts and feelings.

Martin was a man of great learning and wisdom. He encouraged us to study and to think. We enjoyed discussing theology, politics, English books, the Church (always a big problem), and the concerns and hopes of  Europe and the world.

His death is a great loss to us. Members of the English group are very sad. He was coming to talk to us in England this very week. He helped us to think that we belonged to the family of all his students, searching for more of the truth and faith. His enthusiasm and influence will continue in hundreds of minds and lives.

Martin shared his travels to other lands with us, his struggles, his hopes. He has given us much to live for.

Today we may be sad. To honour him we must continue to go on the journey he shared with us. His wish must be, for us to do this. 




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